Un candelabro con cuentas

marzo 5, 2011

Desings Sponge


1.wood bread
2. yarn
3. me2. yarntal hoops in two sizes, large and small (these are also available in craft stores. they come in packs of two or three, and i usually find them in the section with leather rope. i think their main purpose if to make dream catchers. you could also use embroidery hoops)
4. scissors
5. ruler
6. paper clip


1. Wrap one of each metal hoop with yarn. Tie the beginning and end with knots to secure.

2. Measure and cut 10-15pieces of yarn that are 24 inches long.

3. Tie and knot all pieces of yarn to the small hoop, spaced evenly around the hoop. Use 2″ of yarn to tie the knot so you have 22″ of yarn dangling from the hoop.

4. Bend the paper clip into a long needle with one hook at the end to catch the yarn. This is your threading needle for the beads.

5. Thread beads onto each piece of yarn, spacing and clumping beads as you wish. To space the beads, tie knots in the yarn so that the beads will not slide around. Stop on each yarn when you reach 8″. Measure to make sure all your strands are the same length.

6. Knot each piece of yarn at that 8″ mark around the larger hoop, spacing them evenly and keeping them in order. Check to see when you hold the chandelier up that both hoops are hanging level, and adjust your knots to level it out.

7. Thread beads onto the bottom strands of yarn below the large hoop the same way you beaded the top half.

8. When you reach 10″, stop beading on each piece. Gather all the beads strands underneath the big hoop and pinch them where the beads stop to see if it hangs cleanly. Since they are the same length, they should hang evenly and drape a little bit to create a basket shape.

9. Tie a giant knot with all the strands right at the point where the beads end. Ship the extra yarn off the bottom of the not, leaving about an inch or two of yarn

10. You may now add a hanging bulb if you wish, or hang the chandelier with more yarn or invisible thread.



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